Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The impossible gnuplot graphs

This post is going to be a short one. I would only like to announce that most of the material presented here is collected in a more orderly fashion on my web page .

Comments should still be posted here.


  1. Hi!
    I started using gnuplot a couple of months ago and it is impressive the things that you can do with it!
    Can you make 3D polar graphs?
    Phinx (Brazil)

  2. Hi Phinx,

    I don't quite know what you mean by a 3D polar graph. If you gave an example (a link to an graph that you have in mind), I would try my hand at it.

  3. Hi Gnuplotter,

    great blog! I'm currently trying to create some nice fancy histograms with gnuplot which should look like the ones from M$ Office. (I've to admit i really like their look *sighs*)

    It'd be really cool if you write me back at alexander.krause@erazor-zone.de

    Thanks a lot :-)

  4. Hi,

    CAn anyone help me out how to plot 2d contour mesh using block data.It is 2d x/y data in blokc format. first x data block , then y data block. I tried with some sample demo like x**3*y**2 func and it plots perfect. Now I hve to plot my data file.
    Pls help me out the script.
    I tried with xmgrace. I dont hve matlab.
    Thanks in advance
    if you can help me then email me dutta_ruma@yahoo.com

  5. Hi Gnuplotter,
    you can see some examples in:

  6. @Phinx: check out http://t16web.lanl.gov/Kawano/gnuplot/parametric-e.html
    In short do "set parametric; r(t)=5; plot [t=0:2pi] r(t)*cos(t),r(t)*sin(t)" to draw a circle of radius 5

    ...and why the hell can't I paste into this text box :@

  7. Hi,

    What version of gnuplot supports these plots?

  8. Hi,

    Somehow gnuplot 4.4.2 is not recognizing 'png' termninal. And when I use your sample script for phonged histograms, it just pops up a white display which disappears in a moment. Any help on this?

  9. Hi Devesh,

    Everything here should work with gnuplot 4.4, and most of it should even work with version 4.2. I am afraid, I can't really comment on the problem that you mentioned above. I have never encountered anything like this.
    I am sorry I couldn't help more.